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class popularity (more or less)

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Based on the results from TOI (50 floor and up ) and OUTLAW (5:00 min and less) I made indicative tables of popularity of classes.



Certainly in some cases there are big approximations here for example I m think that FM is much more popular then SUM but on toi is easier to play SUM.

But for sure biggest factor in popularity is Easy play style - some people could say higher in popularity = bigger braindead :P
Second factor is usefulness in party (for sure KFM and SIN if not BB+tank/party stealth will be on bottom of this list).
And for sure there are more factors but those two are biggest.

If you have any conclusion - be my guest.


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As you said yourself, the fact that some classes are either easier to play or stronger than others make the numbers not 100% accurate but since you got a good number of characters it is somehow a reflection of what we have. If you got only the top 10 in outlaw it would be 7 summoners and 3 kfms, but the more players you add the more accurate it becomes.

Anyway, great work, it is very interesting what you did.

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well,  Bns has always been and will always be an damn Range-friendly MMO.

Gunner is by far the simplest class in the game. I know some guys that using Makros for their gunners.... i mean...come on..more Braindead isn't possible.

And they do a hell ton of dmg .... 

Summoners are also very easy to play but they are gender locked and get the real dmg boost very late. So we should not wonder that Sums are not so popular.

FMs are a little bit harder to handle, but they are also ranges... ;)


There are very much Player in EU and NA that must work all day. I think that another good point. The People don't want to spend the most of the free time

to learn their classes. I mean in F8 there are HM 17 BMs and BDs which do only 100-200k dps with full VT..... and when i ask why, it's always the same...they play like they want and don't want to learn hours skill rotations etc. Beside all the flaming i get for my question..... Especially KFMs.

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