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Warlock - Shadow vs Ice [PvE]

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So, no one has had the exact same opinion or correct facts on this.

I don't like PvP (because i'm not good at it xD) so i mainly do PvE (dungeons, ect)

I'm currently leveling a Warlock but i'm kinda confused on which element i should focus on.

Ice apparently does more dmg but is slower and Shadow does less dmg but its faster.

So all in all, which is better PvE wise??

If in preference, i do love the Shadow element due to how fast paced it is but i enjoy the ice build too because its simple and does more dmg. 

Tbh, I don't think my summoner does as much dmg as other classes (and even other summoners) so i want to do a lot of dmg and be very useful towards whatever party i may be in for a certain dungeon.


Opinions and facts pls xD  

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I think you meant that you don't like PvP

You know what i did ? I was uncertain like you then i decided i will play whatever element of accessory drops first from BT and it was Ice ring. I dont regret my decision. HA

Also If you wanna do lots of damage and be useful then play Assassin or something, considering your ping is decent.

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Okay as a warlock I will tell you this: Ice is the more ping friendly build HOWEVER in order to play ice you need access to the Hongmoon Dragon call skill book in order to make ice playable (without it your dragon call will be constantly on cooldown after 1 use), Shadow however is technically the more damaging spec dueto it having more consistent damage but favours those with great ping.

What ever way you go your weapon and for the most part skills (bar 2 being RMB and 4) remain with the same set up, it just comes to ping and what skill books you have access to.

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