Rebirth - Looking for raid members for TT (Nightfall Sanctuary)

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We are Rebirth --- an endgame crimson clan on Zulia server. In preparation for the upcoming raid on May 9th, we need the following 4 classes to help fill out our raids for permanent spots in static TT raids:

  • 1 Warlock
  • 1 Force Master or Destroyer
  • 1 Gunslinger
  • 1 Soul Fighter

Gear & DPS requirements:

  • Aransu weapon (Stage 6 or higher)
  • Elemental accessories from Skybreak Spire & Temple of Eluvium / Scion's Keep (Stage 10 or higher)
  • Aransu or Dynasty Mystic badge (appropriate for your class/element) along with the corresponding fused soul badge
  • Full Fallen Soul Shields
  • True Cosmic / True Transcendant soul
  • Unleashed pet (or higher)
  • 400k+ DPS parse on General Moyun in the Hongmoon Training Room

As this is an endgame clan, we expect a lot of our members. You can expect that you will be treated respectfully and that every member of the raid is committed to its success and to clear in a reasonable amount of time during the first week. You will also be expected to join the clan, hence the high requirements.

If you or someone you know is interested, please message me (Zyrelia#7329) on Discord with a parse. If the parse is acceptable, we can talk further about scheduling and an application to join the clan. Thanks!

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