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Regarding of the recent Premiumship Survey

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Since I always active my subscription, I don't received the survey myself. Just lurking around BnS reddit and coming across this reddit thread:




Here is an interesting question:




Noted that this is brought by NCWest themselves, meaning that these are things that they are capable to do.


Ideally, it is better to have all these active (lol). However, I will focus on the options allows premiumship players to dress up.


-Discounted Tailor Shop: this thing has been out for a while. However, I barely use it at all, consider the costs. In KR, you can use the surplus of naryu silver to make them into naryu gold, thus you don't need to touch the cash shop at all. However, in NA, you need chromatic threads, which are only from F10, RNG boxes and daily dash. When it comes to Ncoin/HMcoin, players tend to refrain using them for Tailor Shop, since there are many more things they can buy. Changing a full set of outfit may cost up to 30 threads, hence 1,200 coins, enough to get another outfit/outfit set. I think the chromatic cost should be cheaper by half for premiums players.


-Free or Discounted Delivery Stamp: Consider wardrobe is no longer a premiumship feature, I believe NCWest should replace it with another benefit. Deliver stamps can be expensive if you want to transfer multi outfits to another character, so have discount on stamp costs would help a lot. I prefer it being free though, because free mailing of outfits is the same of having a shared wardrobe, which would greatly encourage players to buy premiumship, even just one single month in order to transfer a large number of outfits! 


-Free or Discounted Character Appearance Vouchers: I guess sometimes you find appearance faults in your "supposed-to-be-perfect" characters after a long time of playing. Or, you just simply forgot to change your character's voice, making your Hulk-like Gon sounds like a Lyn boy. However, Appearance Change Voucher is expensive, so many players accept the fault instead of trying to get one. I think that a free appearance voucher should be attached to 1-month or 3-month premiumship subscription, and premiumship players should have some discounts on all appearance/gender/race change vouchers.


Any discount/free premium items/services will attract players greatly, considering currency exchange is being very underwhelming.



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