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F4 Friend List bug


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I was wondering if it isn't time that you fix the bugs of the friend list ?

The friend list most of the time give bullshit status of your friends like it says he's connected to a certain character but actually the friend is offline, or the friend's online but the friend list shows him offline. You don't know how many time I tried to whisp and have the error message because the window doesn't reflect the true offline status of friends.

I seriously have never seen a friend list as bugged in any other MMO as this game.

The friend list should update the status of the friends each time you open up the F4 window instead of once per day, just saying.

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I've seen it work when a friend logs in and they appear on list then no status change after that.  I say "work" but really, that's broken. 


Today, I log in and PM'd my friend from the F4 list.  He said he couldn't see me on his friend list, This seems like a new issue and even worse.

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