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Tax on Ncoin charge?

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2 hours ago, BladeMasterJin said:

Just noticed that the new payment system now charges tax on Ncoin purchase.

400 Ncoin ($5) = $5.20

1,600 Ncoin ($20) = $20.80

Before the new payment system, we weren't being taxed.

Such taxes typically depend on tax laws in your area (state, county, town) -- however, I can't see how the store would know what area you live in.  It doesn't seem possible that it would be a government tax.  Perhaps its a charge from the new payment service?  Does your state have a 4% tax on anything?

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I would assume its a charge from the new payment system. Not sure if Colorado has a 4% tax on such. I do have my purchase history before and after the new payment system; before the new payment system I wasn't taxed (last charge date April 8th, 2018), after the new payment system went into place, I was being taxed (purchase date April 13th, 2018).

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