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Alpha Hunter - This kind of outfit bundle is very sad to see

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I don't agree with this discussion, outfits are only cosmetics you don't get any advantage by buying them. It is merely a case of how much it values to you in terms of your satisfaction.

From their side the matter is pretty simple, they put the price they believe will maximize their profit, at this point of the game they can estimate how many outfits will be sold based on how original and good looking an outfit is and how sensitive the players (buyers) are to the price tag.  Don't forget also that those who buy an outfit will value more if the outfit is more exclusive, which means that lowering the price of an outfit might even decrease the sales at a certain point.

The discussion here is much more about the sensation you get when you buy a bundle where some of the items are completely useless to you, which in a case where their unit cost is zero it doesn't actually mean you are paying for those useless items.

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