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Disappointing news about Brilliant Moonwater Keys

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Source: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/249565286


During the live stream of the Automaton Assault Event Dungeon Playthrough on April 12, Bethany and Jonathan answered a question regarding Moonwater Keys. Here is a short transcript of what was said.


This begins at around the 25:10 mark of the stream.


Bethany: (reading a question from the live chat) Will brilliant moonwater keys be added to dragon express any time soon?

Jonathan: Nope
Bethany: I don’t think so. You can…make an alt that can make them? [Unintelligible] That’s not going to happen. (Underline added for emphasis.)
Jonathan: Yeah, we’re not, yeah we’re not able [unintelligible].
Bethany: Yeah, that won’t be added to Dragon Express.

Um, what?


Bethany genuinely said "make an alt that can make them." Last I checked, Moonwater keys are NOT craftable, and there are weapon skin chests that still ask for them, chests that are untradeable. The weapon skins inside the chests are also untradeable, so if you use a regular key and don't get the right weapon skin for your class, you cannot sell nor trade it to a different character that can use it.


Since Bethany and Jonathan said they're not bringing the keys back, why are there chests that still ask for such keys? Why can't they change the chests so that they ask for Brilliant keys instead? Or, if they want to be cruel, they can make those chests require only regular keys and force players to rely on RNG and farming if they desire those weapon skins. Although, asking for either request will be pointless since a majority the weapon skins that ask for a Moonwater key can't be stored in the weapon Showroom. So maybe the most sensible solution is to completely remove such chests from the game.


I have a feeling that NCWest is ignoring this issue, because this is not the first time this has been brought up in these forums.



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they made low level silverfrost dungeons weapon chests give your weapon 100% with no keys. Yet will not make keys available at all for moonwater gear. Had gubong spawn in the supply chain. Of course I had to try my luck on the weapon chest and didn't get my class weapon... Couldn't sell the weapon either as it was heroic grade.


At this pont this is retarded; They don't even sell moonwater keys in F10 anymore. Why in the world aren't there free moonwater keys in the dragon express.

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Simple they only played game master accounts and have no experience on normal progression, mostly they just rely on feedback and assume that will fix everything. They have no experience of how hard it is to get moonstone normally without doin 6v6, nor how someone needs to solo an old content raid map to get a cosmetic that prolly will need divine luck to get it, yes im talking about Zaiwei Ruins. Asura Ember that never dropped on Sogun or Offals on Gloomdross and Shattered Masts since they removed hardmode. I'm a f2p and dont mind grinding but their rates on items make you think you have better chances of being hit by a lightning 4 times in a row. One example is I played since day 1 and did 3-7 alts daily challenge since it was released, not once did I get a single 1k gold and got 100g 3 times only up to this day. They need real players as beta testers, assuming they have any.

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