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3 hours ago, xldeathlx2 said:

1)WE already missed the premium transformation stones and what else will we miss now??????

2)do u guys have any responsibility over the people who play this game???

3) do we can a sort of compensation??

Daily specials rotations were already added a week upfront since they schedule those weekly. he maintenance was announced "last minute" so its pure coincidence.

If you feel hurt, then make sure you always have 800ncoin loaded on your account for future promos like most smart people do.

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16 hours ago, xldeathlx2 said:

1) I missed the PTS because I wasn't prepared.

2) NC needs to cover for my own stupid mistakes.

3) My actual aim, points 1 and 2 are irrelevant. I'm an extremely entitled prick and I was free shits, gimme em nao!

Fixed it for ya.


1.) Too bad, so sad.

2.) No, they don't.

3.) Don't know what to say.... cry some more? They might hear you and actually give you some free stuff just so you'd be quiet.

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Tbh the best solution to the frustrations from this game is to quit. The lag and highping plus the constant crashes and ridiculous p2w system and the rest of it are signs that this game is too outdated. You are better off paying a monthly fee on another game and getting good drops, better gameplay, better support and you spend less. This game is not free at all but makes you spend more.

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People in this game be like : "You got better gear than me, P2W ! Whale! Debit Card Hack !";
Being F2P and full VT to me you guys just look pathetic.

Learn your class rotations; develop a viable strategy to make gold; and socialize with other players and join static raids.

Do that and this game is still to this day one of the most F2P mmorpg's out there.
If you aren't willing to do that then do us a favor and just download a pirated single player RPG.


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