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For some time-dated and DPS-check on your damage contribution, Koldrak's Lair is kinda lackluster

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-It happens five times per day in very fixed time frame where many non-NA players can miss. Unlike Korea/China/Japan/Thailand/Vietnam where the majority of their population being native speakers with their own language, English is an international language, you have players from across the world playing in NA server too.


-Each raid only happens for 10 minutes. It is hard to get alts doing them together with main. 


-Its damage contribution check offers better rewards with normal/premium/elite, but this is questionable. It seems the only thing that is better is the % to drop a Garnet, and the different is so vague: we don't actually know how drop percentage works between a normal, a premium and an elite chest. An elite chest may be just 0.5% better to drop a garnet than a premium, for all the efforts players have to spend to be one of top DPSers.


-While the raid happens five times per day, there is only single daily quest that offers 2 scales.. This trivialize the efforts of trying to get into the raid when it is up, and gives no reason to run it more than once per day,  if you're not into Garnet or don't want to waste time to wrestle with RNG.


-This raid promotes afkers who is only there for the daily quest. You cannot really check afkers since there is no party system to notice oddly motionless people, unless you die, wasting your DPS contribution to go up back to the ledge and see if anyone is afk. While it gives you better chance to get Elite box for more damage contribution if there is afker, it is not like the box rank offers that much different of a reward to be fussy about.



Suggestion to improve the raid (or any future raids that follows the same system)


+Add more time for players to join in. We have more international players here than any other regions, so this should be considered.


+Extend queue time to 20-30 minutes. This will make it easier to queue with alts, and gives other players more times to join too. 


+Instead of giving boxes with lame rewards, I suggest to just drop scales. Players can do more things with scales than some lame boxes with a tiny chance to drop Garnet and some 2-moonstone, 2-elysian crystals. Based on damage contribution, let change normal/premium/elite box into 1/2/3 scales. Last hit will yield one more scale. This will make players feel more incentives to spend more times doing the raid when it comes, and players can control the grind to the rewards they want better.


+Players should at least deal enough damage to get a premium box (or 2 scales) in order to have their quest completed. This should do able even for low-geared characters considered how long the raid is.



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If you wanna do it on alts do it in the specified time frames. thats your problem and not the games.

If you find the efforts tvivial then why are you doing it? you are free to just ignore it. no one is forcing you.


That being said its fine as is. Its an event dungeon afterall, and if it would be that easy to make it with alts it would provide an unfair advantage.

Also the fact that there are international players on NA thats their problem, server is NA and the times are in NA time. vIf you want things more suitable to your own time zone play on EU.

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