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Blackwing Soulburn vs non-Blackwing Soulburn from Warlocks who refuse to listen

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We have Blackwing Soulburn from high-geared Warlocks that are superior to normal version.


However, both of them share the same global cooldown, so if the non-Blackwing Soulburn goes off first, it will stop the party from benefit from Blackwing buff for a whole minute.


Normally, such a thing happens cuz of accidents. Not every Warlock will inspect another Warlock in the same party to see whether they have Dynasty Mystic Badge or not, so unless the Blackwing Warlock tells them beforehand, normal Warlocks will progress to Soulburn like usual, thus wasting a strong DPS buff.


However, sometimes, people can act very petty. Even if you tell them beforehand, they just keep spamming non-Blackwing soulburn, resulting a race to Soulburn between a better and a worse Warlock. Or they just simply don't read text or are incapable to read English. And I have seen people reacting negatively, bickering at each other, rage quit the in-progress dungeons, or even threaten to report said non-listening Warlock for harassment.


To prevent this headache, I suggest to make Blackwing buff to be a separated buff from normal Soulburn buff. Blackwing will have its own 1-minute global cooldown. So that even if a normal Warlock triggers Soulburn, a Blackwing Warlock can still add their Blackwing buff to boost the party's DPS, despite of a few second late. "Better late than one minute of nothing", though.

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--Or on the 3rd boss in BT, you can tell your shield/spear boss party to HOLD dps so the other party can catch up, but they'll still do it and trigger an enrage and wipe.

It's not always the fault of people who dont speak/read/write English as their firat language. Sometimes, it's that some people just go about things, or robotically, having sunken into a brain dead routine from doing the content so much.

Sometimes, you just get a bunch of "traps" in your party or raid.


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