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Can you add Divine Grace Stone to events onward?

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Divine Grace Stones are extremely tedious to farm, as it requires either

-Being in a (successful) Scion's Keep raid for a few weeks.

-Grind for 210 tokens of Outlaw's Island. You need to run this thing more than 300 times if you don't have any luck with Grace Stone drops.

-Hack luck to get it drops from Trove. 200 keys and not even saw a drop once.

-Hack luck to get it drops from super rare events. Out of 1,000  Thanksgiving boxes I spammed, I managed to get 4 of them.

-Super hack luck to get it drops from Irontech Forge.


The next event Automaton has Grace Stone drop, but it is gated by RNG to fire a cannon, which is gated by another RNG to get the cannonball from daily quest. Double layer of rng, like usual.


I think that following events after Automaton should start to have Grace Stones trade-able with event currency. The excuse "raid items should stay in raid" no longer works. Recent events have started to give out Hive Queen's Hearts, which is an exclusive items that only raids that complete Hive Queen can access. VT soul shields are also being available at the current event regardless of your boss-kill achievement. Divine Grace Stone is also in the next Automaton event and the previous Thanksgiving event, though RNG-gated.


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Yeah without a VT raid you nearly have no chance to get them. As you stated, the amount off runs you need at outlaws island is just ridicolous and i never saw one drop at IF.

Every day i see frustrated people asking to buy them in VT Raids for ridicoulous amount of gold.

For sure endgear shouldnt be easy to get, but for people without a VT raid its nearly impossible and the next reaid is comming soon.


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