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Alt+Enter irreversibly dragging down my fps


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While trying to whisper and use my cursor simultaneously, I accidentally hit the combination of alt+enter, which forces the game to full screen. Immediately following this I noticed that my fps was not showing any higher than 6. I already had my graphics settings to "optimize for low end PCs" and 1280x720(wide) res..


Before I hit alt+enter, I was running just fine at 30ish fps. I tried hitting alt+enter again to exit full screen mode, but then this forced the game into a windowed mode. So then I tried resetting the graphics settings to default in game, and that still didn't fix it.


I also exited the game, looked into the compatibility tab of the client's properties and made sure that override DPI scaling behavior box was unchecked, started up the game again, but still no luck.


Finally, I completely uninstalled the game (deleted the NCSOFT folder) and reinstalled it in hopes of fixing the problem, but again, no luck. Note: I couldn't figure out how to delete some of the font files because they were apparently "in use."


I know that this isn't a problem from the game itself, because the in-game settings were kept exactly the same. Anyone know how to help this?

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Addendum: It runs a 1280x720 windowed mode at 40 fps, but when I try to make the window larger it slows down. Understandably, this is a tiny window that takes up like a 6th of my tiny student laptop's screen so it's really hard to see what I'm doing.

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