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running 64 bit and E03019 FIX


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Some of u guys including myself had to experience some errors like 1605 or E03019. 

this can happen even if u a new machine and never installed blade and soul before. 

what u need to do is delete everything from blade and soul , if the uninstaller gives a reading error. go to C:progamfiles (x86) and delete it there
when U did that clean the register ( CCleaner ur manually) and instal it again without changing any instalation path.

once u did that u notice u can start the launcher without errors but it stil installed in 32 bit map 

so after u update the game start it one time ( it adds some stuff to register) then close the game and move the files manually from the Progamfiles X86 to the normal Progamfiles . it works for the launcher aswel otherwise u will be playing in 32bit  cauze the game runs trought the launcher tho 


and i know my english is bad. but the support from this game is to cry about . 2 times i made a ticket about this they couldnt figure it out. and if its up to them u wont be playing its not like they been any help. they did not even notice the problem.  it takes some skils to play a game 64bit with top performance ( the ingame coding is great tho) 


EDIT: forgot to mention that u have to rightclick on blade and soul > properties and then change the goal to the map u moved the files to otherwise u need to manually select it everytime cauze it wont remember automaticly

TIP :( if u cant uninstal blade and soul anymore cauze the  installer screwed up u can use Ccleaner under the tab tools u have uninstalation tool that will help)

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