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Soul Fighter, help please


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I was hoping someone knew where I could find information that's up to date on SF. I just came back to BnS and I wanted to keep playing my SF.

There has been a lot of changes and I'm not great at figuring things out on my own. I was hoping to find some information on rotation and abilities. PVE is what I'm going for at the moment. 


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okay so you can start with choosing your elemental, ice needs good ping(>120), earth is about anicancel.

earth got a little love in the previous update and will get more, so it will be more popular in the future, since they will be pretty equal.

keep an eye on bnstree and read the upcoming patches regarding sf, it will be a little different, but god knows when will EU get that. we expect a huge buff in dps.

watch videos on youtube which element/rotation fits you better. you gotta do about the same dmg if you do it correctly, most of the times the videos include proper gear, as far as i know. pretty much all the hm skills are impactful, get your hm rmb first, hm lmb if you choose earth, then both frost storms and the hm heal, its your party utility and the main reason sf is good in parties. then hm counter (+1 sec iframe after succesful counter, good with spinning bosses like that crap before agoni in sanctum), and thats it.

i wont mention badges and gear cause i dont know what element you play and what progress you at, but you will get full msp soul shield from main quest, after that work on full lifebane, go to baleful10 then upgrade to raven, it will be better choice since the cost got nerfed. 

if you have any more question, search here in the sf topic or check youtube.


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