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What Soul and Mystic for SF Earth Support ?


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First and foremost, if you want to play support, you're going to want to get the 3 offals for your HM Chi Burst skill (recovers additional 40% HP for entire party when you're at lv 3 Golden Dragon buff). Without the skill, you can heal up to 40% of your party's max HP (and only 10% of yours). With the skill, you can almost fully heal your party (with 3 stacks of Golden Dragon) and yourself for 50%. This alone is going to be the meat of your support ability.

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All the badges for SF on bnstree changed
Magnum is now 30s removed from self defense chi cooldown while extending its duration by 2s. Used to be complete reset.
But 30s between Focus chi's and 7s of up time means only 23s of down time between Self Defense Chi's compared to 45s default.
Wish i could combine sagewood with magnum since sagewood gives focus chi cooldowns on tundras, mystic gives tundra cooldowns on RMB. Never looked into the fusion of badges until now.

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