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What should I upgrade next?


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I'm just a f2p casual who just login a do dailies.  I can do 1-2 extra dungeons after finished up with my dailies and what should I upgrade next?  My soul is at stage 9 and my weapon is dawnforge stage 3.  Should I save up another 12 sacred oil to upgrade my soul to the 40ap orange soul first or should I upgrade my weapon to dawnforge stage 6 and then convert it to Raven?  Which option would provide me more dps in the long run?  Thank you for your advice.



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Advice from a freeloader to another, dont spend any gold on sacred oils we get them from events therefore you should give your all to upgrade your weapon to raven stg9.


Also get some purple elemental accesorries, they are good and easy to find

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