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Blademaster's damage??


Why do we do significantly less damage then equally geared players. I get that we can tank but there really isn't a traditional trinity in this game. There is a pretty huge variance and discrepancy between the top dps classes and blade masters. Would be nice if they balanced our damage accordingly and made it more competitive. 

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Our damage is "fine", however assuming other classes have:

1) Equal Gear
2) Good ping

3) Proper rotation


There are classes that have the ability to potentially do upwards of 100k more damage than us. That is a pretty significant variance on parses of 500-600k sustained damage. I also play lightning which is even worse off then fire. Lightning is lower mid tier and fire is mid tier damage. Overall they could try and reduce the variance between all classes where in some cases the difference between the top and worse class can be upwards of 200k damage (i.e., 400k vs 600k potential damage). That is a pretty HUGE variance. Ideally if all classes were within 5-10% variance that would be a lot better. As it stands now the variance can approach almost 40% in some cases. That is extremely poor balancing by any standard. 

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