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Soulshield progression


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Hello i just reach lvl 55. I am Destroyer. What should i have to do now? Ofc. Upgrading weapon. Where i should farm soulshield. IS there somewhere ss progression list? And what about accesories, souls, badgeds? what upgrade first and where farm?


What about pvp gear?


Any others tips?


Ps: sorry for my englis. Thanks for advice.

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Are you a shadow or earth Destroyer?

Either way, once you've finished the main story, you should be sitting on Tempest Soul Shield, next step is Horn Soul Shield from BT, then Ruthless Soul Shield from VT/SK. 


You'd want to upgrade you weapon to at least stage 3 (make sure it's 6 gem slots, if it isn't then go to the naryu token vendor in Grand Harvest Square - Silverfrost and keep purchasing and opening the weapon box until you get one) before anything, then work on upgrading your gems (which only requires you to have gold; to purchase Hongmoon Gem Powder from the market), as you work your way into upgrading your gems, try to get yourself at least a set of Hollow accessories (found from a vendor in Valindria (Solak)).


You can also grab your Soul badge if you have the gold from the ToI vendor in Mushin's Tower.


As for your Mystic Badge, you'll have to farm peaches (in Celestial Basin - Gunwon). 


Do you do PVP? If so, then you'll want to grab the Galaxy weapon from the vendor in Mushin's Tower (again, 6 gems slots), and work on upgrading it to at least Ascendant.

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