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Server crash / Mass DC again

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Maybe they plan to add something like this?

3rd*.   PS: "Don't forget to buy trove keys, Cricket!"

BUY KEYS NOW!!!! Oh wow.... what happened here with 2nd mass DC?


Cannot login now, because i got message character was already logged in on another location.


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Just do yourself a favour and close the (Milk)EU servers. At this point it's not even a disgrace for you, just pure proof of how much you care about us...

I honestly got better and more professional service from private servers than here.

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Not that i had 3 dc's in row but well that will happen if Servers are bad and are not in Europa

(they maybe in Europa but they are still connecting to NA servers )

Cause of this i Deleted my game. I can't stand if i can't log in game properly 


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already opened ticket.

Many players who were in raids (I can confirm with Black Tower) during the realm downtime, cannot enter the raid any more. We're locked out of the raid although everyone from the team regrouped outside already.

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