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So I really want to create a KFM.  The only thing that holds me back from making either a KFM or Blademaster is the fact that they are the tanks.  I do not want to be held to that responsibility never have really played that role in any game.  So tell me is tanking in this game super hard.  I mean I know a lower geared tank will struggle with aggro if partied with higher geared teammates as I have witnessed that first hand.  I am not a person that gets mad or shouts at tanks if I pull aggro off them.  I know how to hold back my dps if needed to allow them to regain a bit of threat.  But not all people are like me.  Some rage and scream and belittle players when this happens.  I am not a perfect player I play to have fun.

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You just have to keep the boss looking at one place and make sure he doesn't move a lot or turn around; that makes things more difficult for your party.


The rest is about learning the boss rotation, which is imo the fun part in tanking - it's a challenge to keep high dps while controlling the boss and leaving your party safe.


You can ignore most of the basic (yellow) attacks and dps normally, but avoid/iframe the red ones - there are some exceptions where a yellow attack will CC you, so you gotta block or iframe it... Some bosses will attack faster than others, but again it's a matter of getting used to it.


As for BM vs KFM:

KFM can provide crit/crit dmg buffs to the party, which is very useful (especially when there's SB available), while BM provides party iframes, which is also useful depending on the boss mechanics/if the party is bad or not at iframing...


Some videos: 
Wind KFM

Fire KFM



Lightning BM

Fire BM





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BM and KFM are considered the "tanking" classes cause they're the only ones with threat generating abilities, but you also have to spec them that way.  One of the great things I think B&S has is that realistically, anybody can "tank."  Especially with the latest patch where anybody can just dump 10 HM points into threat, a gunner could easily just walk up and face tank a raid boss.  

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Also a bit more directly answering your questions:


Yes, tanking can be quite challenging. In some raids the tanks have the most crucial role and need to be on top of their game.


Also, people do indeed expect you to tank very often because if you don't they would switch you for a better dps class, or one with a different utility. Your chances are better to get away with no tanking if you have a KFM, as blue buff is in demand even if your own dps is low.


Not seen a lot of rage and screaming but too much dismissiveness and belittleing if I mess up as a tank. It's not the majority of players acting that way but every one who does is one too many.


Oh and don't worry too much about holding aggro. With the right specs and the 10 HM points in additional threat, you can actually hold aggro against gunners even if they are better geared, so basically against 3 to 4 times your own damage per second.

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