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PvE element switch is realy discouraging

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Hello, I would like to say something to this issue.


I have BM that has lvl 10 fire ring, earring and necklace. I would like to switch to lightning but when i think about farm Ive had go thru to get to this point it makes me puke and I cant bring myself to do it again. Let alone I wont be able to perform in raids as I did before for some time.


What I would love to see from devs, is to let us "upgrade" or transmute or whatever our elemental accesory on max level. We can do it with Bracelet sowhy cant we have something similar on this?


Lets say i have lvl 10 fire ring, If i would be able to transform it to lvl 10 lightning ring for 100g some mats and actual lvl 1 lightning ring, I would be happy beond belief. 

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That's a good idea instead of having to start all over again you would just need to get the mats and gold to convert it to your other element. It allows a smooth transition to your other element without hindering your performance cause you are leveling a new element. 

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