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Account hacked and no response from support

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You would think clicking the drop down for hacked account would do something while submitting a ticket. Apparently not, They somehow got my log in info and their work around fro not knowing my pin was attaching OTP to my account, bypassing my pin.... Now i can't unauthorize the google OTP without the code from the OTP itself... How is it so easy to bypass my pin but there is zero way to unauth the OTP. Also, if this is a known way to bypass then why dont you put a 48 or 72 hour hold on OTP and require email verification? I submitted a ticket about 12 hours ago.. still no idea what my account is looking like or how much they took/threw away....... 

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What day was yesterday again? ahh right, sunday.

what Information gives that about Support? --> not working on sundays.


If it was hacked, they dont Need 12 hours. they Need probably 10minutes and everything is gone.

Only pain is not know whats going on.

But if you're not in the fault for getting hacked you will get everything back.

i know this must be hard, yet Patience helps

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the problem w support is they'll sooner respond to someone whining about their trove pull than someone who got their account hacked 

all of their numbers don't work and they take about a 10hr+ to respond at all.  sorry that you had to experience this ): but how did they also get past the IP authorization thing? (you can check how your characters gear itself looks on bnstree but that's all) 

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