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Question about Wind KFM soulshield comparison dps wise: 5 raven - 3 MSP vs 5 raven - 3 VT

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I am wondering which combination would be better without aransu Badge! VT-raven got better cooldown for bb and tremor but u loose 10% additional damage on cyclone kick. Another question is which Soul Badge is better dps Wise for both soulshield combinations glory or Magnum? So which is the best combination to use: vt-raven-Magnum / vt-raven-glory / msp-raven-Magnum / msp-raven-glory? I Hope maybe someone made a dps Test on These combinations and can help me out! 

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I am using that as well, for both fire and wind. Except that I use Ancestral, but that's just a better version of Glory. :P

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