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TOI - Reduced NPC AP - really only this ???

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Yes of course AP is much lower - they don't kill you in one combo if you do one mistake on higher flours.


But is this for sure  only thing that they make??

Since Wednesday I did not even come close to my previous records - bots don't kill me instead of this they react faster, counter almost everything, and time just ends.

And I talk with couple of my friends and everyone have the same feeling abut this.

So really NCsoft?? Always when you loudly proclaim new great thing for players simultaneously you must silent nerf or destroy something in this game ??

And of course this - Slightly increased the floor you start on when finishing the previous - I did not notice.

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I literally came to forum to make thread like this one. ToI was supposed to get a nerf, but from my exp. bots are LOT harder than before, can't even get to my previous record, no matter what i try. They react faster and they got Seraph weapons again, which resets they skills 100 times per 5 sec. Afaik they had balefuls previous patch and you can forget about stunlocking them. GG NC, like it wasn't cancer enough before, your flawed logic keeps suprising me...

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I have found the same, am only on lower floors as my gear is garbage, but where before patch I could at least get my 3 wins done, now pretty much every class is impossible to counter. I am just stunned/dazed/in air the whole time and can barely even get a shot off before I am slowly beaten to death... And for some reason I am always rolling summoner or destroyer on my first floor which is basically a guaranteed lose. I can honestly say that ToI is one of my worst gaming experiences. It makes me long for the days of trying to fly Superman through rings.

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I am still amazed people discuss TOI as something serious.

Get over it. Its the most stupid feature I have ever seen in ANY game (only AION's godstones are more stupid), and no point discussing it.

Features like these are the main reason korean games had never, and will never succeed in the west. Its a matter of gaming mentality.

And its not only TOI. Korean games are based around RNG. Not skill, brains, + a lil bit of RNG...but RNG+lil bit of skill and brains. This is how it works there and  koreans like it that way. It wont change.

All their games are made for korean market and suit korean mentality....which wont work in the west. Discussing these issues wont change anything.

Korean games are however very appealing to those who focus on combat system (myself included), otherwise nobody would play them. They have nothing else interesting. 

Storylines of their games are boring (mostly childish), characters even more (lyns as example), and they also have incorporated western games bad features (pets, housing).


If AION havent succeded , there wont be any korean game to succed in the west. Ever. 

Happy TOI-ing.



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I start this topic not to complain abut architecture of TOI, but about NCsoft lies during patch proclaim - they write - we will lower ap of bots and don't mention about anything else - so everyone understood will be easier there - logic.

But they change AI of bots, so maybe they don't kill you in one combo when you do mistake but at the end is harder.

And they work with everything the same - we remove hard mode from ec dt nf - so now all rewords from hard will be ad to normal - but no elyssian orbs

also no word abut nerfing gold reword form lower dungeon


They are worst then governments during elections

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