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VT Asuras stack question

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a quick question because I keep hearing different opinions on this:
When the Asuras absorb the heat/chill stacks, does it matter if a person has 1 stack or 2 stacks? Aka will 2 stacks damage the Asuras more than 1 stack?

Have a nice day and thanks for answering.

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9 hours ago, Skyhaven said:

mate thats how it has always worked, if people onli needed 1 stack to do max dmg to the boss, people would be all scrambling to get 1 stack instead of 2 cause who wants to eat a massive dot, why do u think people solo orbs now genius?

You realize that soloing orbs does more dmg either way right? That by itself doesn't proof anything. From what i know it has been common knowledge that it doesn't increase dmg having 2 stacks because that is what the guides say and this here is the first time i see someone claim otherwise.


For example bns academy:


Same color stacks will heal for about 5% of max HP per stack, opposite color stacks will damage for about 5% of max HP per stack, regardless of the number of stacks.

Now of course guides can be wrong too and i never paid attention how much dmg the boss takes from it but it sounds a bit OP if it really was per individual stack that would be 40% of the boss hp if one solos orbs and everyone else took 2 stacks. Well it's easy to proof, anyone can link a vid where the boss takes that much dmg from it?

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