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Bidding in Dungeons

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Hey everyone,

I'm just gonna cut it short and get to the point. I love nearly everything about this game but there are a few things I dislike. One of them is bidding for loot in the dungeons. PvE supposed get people work together, form a team, killing a boss together, having fun and all that good stuff. But loot bidding system makes you think everyone in the party is a enemy. Because you go in a dungeon to farm some stuff. The stuff you are looking for comes up in 10th run or so BUT you can't get it! Because someone else keep bidding higher and making in unworth for that price. Same goes for gold farming. I'd like to be able to run dungeons, get some loot like Sacred Orb etc. and sell it. BUT with a bidding system you can't profit from it...

That was the problem, here is my solution for this problem. Every dungeon needs their own rewards chest. This chest is given to players as a dynamic quest reward. So everyone gets 1 of them. Chest contains all dungeon loot as a possible reward with same drop rate. And everyone can get what they want. No bidding, no cursing someone else because they bid higher than marketplace price.

What do you think about this? Do you think bidding system is a problem? If yes, what do you think as a good solution?

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the loot you mentioned, sacred orb.

Have you ever seen one of this in the loot table?

you get your sacred orbs via daily or the dynamic quest every Player gets.

99% of loot you have to bid on is bound to you char/account, so you cant make Profit from it.


And i dont think the Players are enemies.

Yes they want loot, but check who you are running with.

i bet you go to f8 and press lfp or join a Party someone opened/opening one yourself.

What do you expect from random strangers that they wanna give you what they earned?

If you wanna get stronger you gotta pay something for it.


I understand you dynamic quest reward System.

yet this already exists. what do you think?

Shall they get rid of bidding System and put everything into dynamic?

but this means they give out total rewards x6. since most of the loot you get from dungeons is 1 item.

like 1 sea glass or 1 secret save.

do you want to give everyone this much and spam the game with too many items?

or do you want to put RNG into the dynamic?

Means you have a % in your dynamic quest to get the worthy items(even legendary?).

wouldnt you feel bad if your Party completes the dungeon together and every other Player expect you gets the item you wanted from the dynamic?


with bidding every Player has the Chance to get the item. if you complain about a Player outbidding you, then the item is more precious to him. if you want to make win from sellable items. nobody is going to bid higher then the actual worth, place your bid thougtfull so overbidding isnt really worth it but you can still make Money from it.

but as said, barely any item is tradeable.

for the non tradeable Things. you get a part of the Gold the other one bid. so just higher your bid next round by this amount.

if you complain ist too costy, then you should think about if you are ready to gear further.

but here every Player has the same Chance for the loot from the dungeon you cleard together.

Seems way fairer to me then rng from dynamic.


Back to the farming part. if you want to make Gold or farm for items.

just get a static Party with People you know like from your clan.

Complete the items and share the loot.

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Or you could make friends and agree to share loot, I have friends who run dailies with me and in each dungeon we go down the list of who gets what unless something drops that we all need like leg gloves or something then we bid. We also share the gold out of secret safes,

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