If you missed Battle Brawl Day 1 livestream, check out the VOD below.   Watch Live
Two days of epic esports action kick off each day at 10am PDT, and go until the matches conclude.   Where: Streaming live on http://www.Twitch.tv/bladeandsoul https://www.youtube.com/bladeandsoul/live When: Day 1 – Friday, March 23 Start: 10am PDT/5pm UTC End (approx.): 3:30pm PDT/10:30pm UTC Day 2 – Saturday, March 24 Start: 10am PDT/5pm UTC End (approx.): 6pm PDT/1am UTC
During the live tournament broadcast on Twitch.tv/bladeandsoul we’ll be displaying redeemable codes on-screen for a limited time. These codes are limited to one-per-account, as well as limited to how many times each key can be redeemed—anywhere from 100-200 times per displayed code. It’ll be a first come, first served redemption process, so be sure you’re signed into Blade & Soul and have the Apply a Code screen up.   The costume sets that will be given out are Shock Jock, Lights Out, and Undefeated. Shock Jock and Lights Out are fan favorites, and this is the first time Undefeated will be available, so don’t miss out on your chance to score these outfits for FREE!
Pledge Your Allegience
Both regions have very strong contenders. Who do you think is going to take home the title and 1st place prize of $21,000? Share your thoughts on the event and your predictions in the comments below.