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Magnum vs Alluvion soul badge


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Currently their best badge for ice is their fusion the Invincible badge so take whatever your choice it's ok.

I have both but not fused because I don't have divine grace stones and for now I stick with alluvion to have a smoother rotation of dragon calls.

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If you don't have any Soul Badges, Magnum is WAY better then Alluvion, with the sheer fact it reduces dragoncall.


But if you're talking about Badge Fusion, then:

The Lower your Ping, and the Higher FPS you have, the Better Colossus Soul Badge.

The Higher your Ping, and the Low/High FPS you have, the Better Invincible Badge is.


Colossus requires you to pay attention to the Boss patterns, and how to time Leech/Imprison Correctly. Reduces Focus Issues, and Increases DPS slightly.

Invincible is brain dead DPS, get this if you just want to macro 3 buttons, or if you have High Ping. You might have Focus Issues, and your DPS will slightly be lowered.


No one will get onto you about using one or the other, because they are both fairly good Soul Badges.

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