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Ticket to reroll class question

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So I recently heard from someone that it is possible to reroll your class if you make a ticket...I have BM class right now and I play since begining of 2016 when the game was released and now I would like to switch it to dps class and I want to know these things:

If this thing its possible:

1)I will keep my current items?
2)They will carry over the achievement points,HM level,slot unlocked on vault and other things that was bound to my BM class?
3)The nicknames will be switched?

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I won't choose gunner...the thing is I never play tank roles especially melee...when I created this class I was thinking its dps I saw katana user etc I didn't knew anything back then,and after finding out this isn't my style was too late,I had max level,alot of slot inventory unlocked etc...and now I won't change class without my achievements,inventory slots,items etc that why I ask if this thing its even possible...Force Master would be my style btw!

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Yes this is a possible. There is a whale gunner in EU who's main was FM but now it's fire gunner. If you look up their names in F2 their list of characters show FM but when you click it it shows gunner. He has no alts and his FM is nowhere to be found anymore so he changed its class possibly through support. You only get this though if you spend lots of money. The power of money!!!

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