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Tips for fixing 6v6 crashes


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This is for any NCsoft employee who might read but a good start for looking to fix the 6v6 bugs is to look for the code that handles loading / reloading stuff without a loading screen. Most crashes happen during  respawn or shortly after respawn, because in 6v6 you have no loading screen. I also had the same kind of crashes when switching channels in crowded areas (like celestial basin boss or the pinchy wheel at this event) so it's not 6v6 only, however this does mean some things:


1) it's related to (re)loading stuff without a loading screen.

2) it's related to other PLAYERS, since it happens only in 6v6 and crowded areas, when you respawn / switch channel

3) it seems to happen a lot more only on 64 bit client, not 32.

4) the crash does not disconnect you from the game.  It just freezes your client. If you don't close the frozen client, you are not kicked from the 6v6 game, but rather act as if you'd be "afk". This might be an important clue


Thanks for reading and I hope you fix this

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