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Hi, i just come back now than i have time again :D 

I would like to work with all of you with this commission shop. (the commissions can be about whatever you want not only B&S... some of my examples are from other games)

I would like to sell 
Cartoon (200G)



Chibi (250) a little more detailed than cartoon



for something more detailed send MP and i will be happy to work with :D

You can found me in game some time at the name of "Mehiel Night" Blade dancer in Zulia server
(if i dont reply you here in less than 1 day, send me a message on FB and i will go as fast as i can)

if you like to see more of my work in digital and new medias

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Hey, I was wondering whether or not you were still offering commissions.  I know this thread is relatively old, but I was interested in possibly purchasing one.  There is one thing, however:  I do not have much in-game money, so I am fine with [content moderated] gifting Hongmoon coins for the in-game store.  If not, I can always exchange some coins for gold and give it to you that way.

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