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Need help to choose crafting profession

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45 minutes ago, BlueChick said:

Sadly craft is dead in this game.

You can buy most of the items from Marketplace for less gold than cost of the materials to craft that item.

Those items exist in the Marketplace thanks to a minority of people who do craft them, so crafting is not dead. If it was, the only way to get them would be through trove or hongmoon store daily rotation ( for some of the items )

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Forge Keepers and Radiant
for hammers to repair your weapon and for brilliant keys to upgrade your weapon faster
then once you craft enough brilliant keys switch over to soul warden to craft your primers to upgrade your soulshields and still keep on crafting hammers!

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New player here. Haven't gotten into crafting yet, but I'd like some insight into how crafting works.

My clan intends to raid eventually, so it is my hope to pick up Aquired Taste and Silver Cauldron for cooking and potions. My question is: how available are the tradeable versions of craftable items (and their required materials?)

The entire point of picking up these professions is to provide buffs for my clan, so my crafting outputs need to be tradeable, not character or account bound.

Many thanks!

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Am 7.3.2018 um 16:38 schrieb Saiyun:

What crafting professions should I choose as a beginner? and which ones are the best in terms of money making?

money making ideas often change (best get alts to cover all crafts), but to start with you may try:

-Soul Wardens for cheap soul shield primer as they are cheap to craft in account bound version

-Forge Keeper for several upgrade stones.


PS: ups. jumped a necro thread...

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