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make macro spinning lbds and destroyers have a 0.5sec delay after using retreat skill

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so sick of facing macro users spinning the instant moment their retreat land even when you tech chase, at least put a 0.5 sec delay after using that skill so that people can tech chase them. At least with other classes you can stun defense and punish those macro ppl, those spinners after macro spin can still counterattack from ground or move out of range slightly with spin to avoid kd. And how about give BM lightning rod parry penetration instead of just defense penetration? really make no sense why you give that skill defense but not parry penetration whatsoever :p this does not fit into so called "dynamic" gameplay. Bm got buffed in korea patch with 0.5 sec deflect so casters cant spam without fear of penalty, but why not the more important skill lightning rod when it is only available during conducting sb and is easy to avoid ??

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