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Bring back the 20g option for legendary elements/jewels

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The extra options for purchasing legendary elements/jewels was a nice addition.  However removing the 20 gold option altogether makes purchasing these even harder once you run out of materials.

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There are a lot of threads like this. https://forums.bladeandsoul.com/topic/237681-suggestion-more-options-for-legendary-elementsjewels/ this one just done the other day. I think all of us are in agreeance dropping the 20 gold option was a stupid move on ncsofts part. Will they do it, i dunno they may just ignor our plea. 


To be honest i thought this new way would be great with the two options but its horrible since i blast through mats to get them. If we had the 20 gold option, i would have already had my raven to stage 5 today but even with soulstone crystals i barely came up with 15 elements that i needed and couldnt get anymore till i get more mats again. Maybe they should make soulstones and soulstone crystals more abundantly drop for us.

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Yes....... Gearing alts is basically impossible now as jewels are hard to get now. I can go to stage 10 neck, but I'm only held back by jewels... Please give us the 20g back or make the mats less or increase drop rate or just make another way thats a bit easier.

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