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ok BNS is starting to get Bored you got to do the same thing over and over again I wish people hand stuff to do instead of doing the same old stuff even with the new content but also it there is other games that have alot more stuff to do and so on why does dailies always have to be dungs when try to change them up like Killing Mobs in world not in dungs. But also have it to where you have to eat something get dailie quest even make VT more easyer if not people will end up leaving to go to another Game. right now i only come in to do the weekly and BT and VT is the whales who only run VT and cant ever Upgrade to VT weapon to do Better Dungs and 12 man dungs add more 12man dungs  just besides the new one VT and BT  most of the 12man dungs people can't do even with a Raven stange 9 because people are to dam lazy to do the work or just want to carried I know in the JP server everyone helped everyone even if they where raven stange 9 now I am seeing it this Game is more pay to win BT and the turtle 12 man are the only 2 most people can do now and days hey if people dont like this post i dont give a flying Craap or not BNS is the same old ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ even if you start a new char it is still is same old crap

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When e fleet raid was end game content, yeah there wasnt much to do

But now? With so many dungeons and raids, you complain?

Its mmo, farming same thing over and over is normal.

Did you even try all content?

I suggest if you're bored, it's time to quit

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After using a period three times, with these run-on sentences, it looks like you gave up and wanting to be understood with the rest of your post. lol

I get that you're bored and upset with how things are, but whenever the company decides to make changes to the game, quality-of-life adjustments come in super tiny increments.

That said, I wouldn't expect any really huge changes anytime soon, nor too many changes in the same patch, nor changes that come within 10% of what the community, as a whole, really wants and/or needs.

As you say, it will soon feel like it's time to move on to other games. My only regret with BNS is how much money I will have wasted on it by the time I decide to quit. I'll probably keep my account semi-active until the servers shut down someday, but I think I started feeling "buyer's remorse" the first time we ever had RNG boxes or troves in this region. lol

This is why I play BNS casually, and only get serious when new content comes out or when there are events with goodies to be had.

Otherwise, I'm often on other games between BNS sessions. I like feeling a sense of accomplishment when I play a game, and I want that feeling nearly constantly.

In a lot of video games, in general, you overcome certain obstacles and you get a cool reward, and you repeat this cycle of playing a game and getting rewards for your efforts, and sometimes, you'll even find it to be fun.^^

In BNS, the work takes a while and it can be challenging, and the "payoff" come sin small increments, like a couple points increased in your AP whenever you can finally afford your next gear upgrade, etc.. You won't pick up a new weapon and get +4,000 more AP than your last weapon every few hours, because mmorpgs are structured differently from most other kinds of games.

I would like BNS to be more fun in the short-term goals versus rewards area, but everything is done slowly, when it comes to progress in BNS.

To match that style of gameplay, they're not going to simply allow us to run CS, H.Mandate, and Lair of The Frozen Fang for our three DCs of the day. They're going to keep you online as much as they can so that they have more time to milk your wallet dry. The longer you're online, the higher the likelihood of you spending more money on the game increases with each passing minute.

I certainly don't like doing any of the "bullet sponge" type dungeons, where the bosses take way too long to kill if you have low overall dps, or no Soul Burn WL, or Alpha Call. Those dungeons just take too long. I like doing the faster, easier ones when I'm in a hurry to get them done, then go to bed for the day.

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