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Issues with 6v6 and unobtainable legacy items/dungeon only items


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Issues with 6v6 not related to crashing:

-Clarity charms. These things are not obtainable in game and should be disabled. In my opinion they take a lot of skill out of 6v6 and people in general do not enjoy playing against them, it is also bugged as they also reset with your ascendant effectively giving some classes 3 tab escapes between a 35 second guaranteed reset from the PvP weapon. It makes classes that are good at taking pots 1v1 with low damage(sins) considerably weaker, as anyone with these charms has 3 tab escapes that reset every 35 seconds, and the reset also resets all of their iframes to stall for long porition of that time. They also work in ToI. If you 6v6 at all you know how hard it is to kill a good FM or destroyer already, with these in play it's near impossible. 


-Chocolate Candy. These are dungeon only but can be activated in a dungeon before you enter 6v6 and gives players insane stat boosts. Chocolate candy is limited time and dungeon only right now, if you plan to make these a 6v6 standard item they should be added long term and be able to be used inside  6v6 and not precasted in a dungeon beforehand. However the stat boost is way too good for 6v6 or raids, it was never meant to be used in raids or 6v6. You could literally do boss 1 VT with no SF if you use this candy, it was meant to be a dungeon helping item and not to be used everywhere.



-Any old buff food. This is meant to be a competitive pvp mode, so unobtainable items should be removed, or buffs should be reset upon entering 6v6, with the exception of your dumpling's from Aquired Taste. (this would also fix the chocolate heart issue.)


-Stun ruby gems and immune on critical hit peridot gems. While very few people use  these, they are a somewhat common item to see in 6v6, and I believe they should be re-added as they are currently a legacy item that can only be obtained through trading.

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