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Can we have PvE version of Hellion Belt?

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-Give Hellion Belt a PvE version so that it can have two-set bonus with other PvE Hellion accessories, which gives more attraction power to PvE Hellion Ring for players to grind for.




Current buff of Hellion Belt, or Skyguard Belt:

-Heal 9000 HP (Stage 10) during 6s of the buff

-Increase recovery by 1500

-Increase PvP AP by 200

-Increase PvP Def by 200


Set bonus with other PvP Hellion accessories:

-2 set: 20,000HP and 20 AP

-3 set: 20 PvP and 1,000 in-combat HP regen


It is clearly designed for PvP. However, as some classes use Skyshatter Ring for focus regen in PvE, it makes them benefit from the 2-set bonus with extra 20k HP and 20AP, while give nothing to people who use Inheritor's Ring (PvE version of Hellion Ring). This makes the PvE choice between Inheritor's Ring and Skyshatter Ring, and between Inheritor's Ring and BT ring clearly leaning toward the latter.


The buff of Inheritor's Ring:

-20% focus regen per hit (same as Skyshatter Ring)

-10% critical chance (a.k.a another BT earring buff)

-650 critical damage.


Despite of clearly PvE stat, some KR Wind Summoner used to do a test between Skyshatter Ring and Inheritor's Ring, in which the PvP Ring dealt more DPS than the PvE one (!?)


It would be much better if we have the two set bonus. The PvE set bonus of Hellion gives: 15 AP and 1,200 Critical Damage.


In order to proc the PvE set bonus of Hellion Ring, you need either Hellion Earring or Hellion Necklace (come next update), which are both inferior compared to their raid counterpart.


I think it is a waste, because buff-wise, Inheritor's Ring provides much better buff than BT ring, which people only use for its element damage, but it still lacks of decisive factor to be worthy investment, making the whole PvE series of Hellion accessories look like they are there just for the sake of being there.


Thus, to make PvE version of Hellion set to actually be useful and worth to grind for, considering BT raid is now so easy to do, just RNG challenge in term of loot, I think the belt should have its own PvE version.


It should have the same passive stat of PvP version, but have slightly different buff:

-Heal 9000 HP (Stage 10) during 6s of the buff

-Increase recovery by 1500

-Increase Boss AP by 200

-Increase Boss Def by 200


This way, it will utilize the belt buff to its best for PvE content. It will make Inheritor's Ring a more comparable choice with BT ring, which is just there as an uninteresting placeholder, by giving the two set bonus of PvE Hellion.


Currently,  strictly PvE players have no incentive to upgrade their belts from Draken to Hellion, since Hellion doesn't prove to be much better than Draken. If there are PvE version of the Belt, it will give them more incentive to grind for the belt, as well as the Ring if they find it more useful to have the set bonus.


Assuming they go the Hellion core path, they will run 100 runs of Ebondrake Lair and 100 runs of Drowning Deeps for achievements to get belts and rings through core. 200 runs in total.


You want players to run your dungeons? Give them an incentive to run.



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Most likely there will be a pve version later but not yet. KR doesnt have another belt yet so you have to wait.

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Why would you need a PVE belt version? It makes no sense since none of the current BiS gear (elemental accessories) actually give set bonuses so a PVE belt is not needed.

The belt doesnt even help as much in PVe anyway and it most certainly wont save you if you miss certain mechs.

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