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BUG: "Sweet Emotion Head Adornment" costs 11x Chromatic Thread to edit.


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The "Sweet Emotion Head Adornment" costs an initial 11x ("eleven") Chromatic Threads just for its initial edit, while all the other head items are at the normal 4x ("four").

I have an extra one that I was originally going to send to an alt, but then I thought, I could just edit it and use it for an alternate hair color. Then I saw the cost for the initial edit and tried a few things to see if the material cost amount would update to its normal figure - it had not.

So that's the bug. Everything else is the normal 4x, while this one is showing the cost of the initial edit for an outfit. If this IS intended, then I suppose it's not a bug, but instead, very dumb. lol

Anyway, here's a screenshot of the item and the cost for the initial edit can be seen at the bottom-right corner, where you'd normally find it. --Enjoy.



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