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2018 graphics update. (unofficial)

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On 2/28/2018 at 5:27 PM, SJ said:

am I the only one think the originals look better?

you got to the blind. ^^







look first at the statue,how it reflects the lighting on the stone,the texture,everything is so much MORE.

the lighting is much more realistic and the colors are more correct.


in terms of graphics,it looks much more advanced and polished than original.

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Imo, there are good and bad points to both. 


Current graphics: lacking color depth in atmospheric rendering, by this I mean contrast in gamma between near and far elements


The 'new' renders: the lighting is way too saturated and there is too much bloom, it's very overboard. A clear example are the Mushin Tower renders, the colors are blinding. It feels almost like someone let J.J. Abrams loose with his lens flares and he had a field day. (Ok I exaggerate, but you get my point). The textures are over-sharpened, as pointed out by many people. As a result, they actually look lower res than they were, gritty and dark like old screenshots from Diablo. I do like the the better color depth that the lighting gives, but it's used with wild abandon. Lighting needs to be done with a delicate hand so that the most interesting things are highlighted, when placed against less saturated and lit elements, that makes it 'pop'. 


Overall, I applaud you for the effort. But I do feel like if you take it into Photoshop and layer it 50-50%, the result will be much more interesting. 

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its not over sharpened,trust me. the crappy jepg files just cant handle the quality.


 here is the preset: https://files.fm/down.php?cf&i=zmz9zp9k&n=BNSFinal+1.12.3.ini


use it for your reshade and see yourself,its the best preset for this game.


however,you might need an hour to get used to it and then if turn it off you will go like: "yaaakk....."

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