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About Valentine's soul and its visual effect

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So far, we all know that True Heart that goes to the second soul slot (also called "Spirit" in some translation) pretty much useless and only to show off your hard work during the event with the pink aura. Many people choose to not join the event and instead sell the essences for some quick gold.


When we get the proper Spirit/Second Soul upgrade, we will quickly forget about it.


However, I think it is kinda a waste for an event item to be short-lived like that.


Since True Heart can actually provides some visual effect, maybe NCSoft should develop it into another cosmetic item?


We can skin True Heart into the Second Soul, thus gaining both the stat and the visual. Similar to how we do with pet and weapon skin.


That way, it won't be a waste, and NCSoft can actually have another thing to sell in cash shop or grind for. For example, add a soul skin that makes you shine brightly, and some whales would be gladly becoming a light bulb and enjoy the envious gaze from other players. Add more color to choose from, and maybe more type of visual like being on fire (literally), have blue aura with snowflake flying around...


Edit: Add an example: https://gfycat.com/BelovedConcreteAmphiuma


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Thats the whole idea of it, its an EVENT item, It should stay the way it is and the new soul should be completely seperate.

The only thing they could do is do it like with pets, so you can change the appearance of the second soul with the true heart only for the visuals.

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You do realize you're unwittingly asking for another loot box item right? Aura's behind a crappy rng system, will be THE ONLY WAY you get to keep your shiny. I say, kill it dead and we'll eventually get over it. YES i also have the true heart and enjoy it's aesthetic appeal but it's ncsoft and they wouldn't give us a damn if the damn saved us from a burning building.

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