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BD's vs Gunners

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Any real tactic against them??

Seems like BD's in Arena can't keep up with there spam mobility hooks, and IFrames.

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It is easy to against gunner in arena.


Specc parry spin <- important so that they can't spam RMB


Save your hmblock and Z (5 hit resist) for their tab. Don't burn your tab escape for random CCs. Only use tab escape when you got CC and you saw them used their tab.


When they hook up in the sky, SS back/spin and run away until they drop back down to floor. If they use 5 hit resists skill, just spin around them to get rid of their resist skill ASAP.


In order to avoid getting into their spam hooks, try to close the match ASAP and don't drag for too long. Every 12 seconds, they can refresh 2 hooks. So, the longer you drag the match, the more hooks they will have. Also, usually gunner likes to spam at least two hooks before they stop. Just time up before you use your approach skills.


Remember gunner only has 1 tab escape. After they burned their tab escape, they are easy kill. 

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