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Requesting a implementation on kicked f8 players

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Personally idk if this has been brought up in another forum or can even be asked on the forums, (since im not one who spends alot of times on the forum) but ANYWAY.


Im sure there are more then a few ppl who can agree with what im about to say esp those ppl who have limited choices OR choose to do DC/ PT in f8 by Recruiting (not LFP cuz obv that is a gamble). But players spend time looking for certain ppl for certain dungeons but instead get bombarded by that 1 or more player who continuously spams to join the party after been kicked because they do not qualify or are not needed in that certain prty at that given time.


i really get ppl who need the carry, i myself don't mind carrying ppl from time to time, but when ur in NS, IF,  SSM, or even HH n ur recruiting ppl on the message board who have 1.1k or higher n u get someone  with a baleful 1-5 n solak only accessory spamming non stop to join it gets annoying af n frustrating to say the least. 


So is there any way that u company can implement some kinda of cool down period for those who have been kickd from the party?.


Blocking them don't work,

kicking them don't work,

talking to them don't work,


We NEED something like a CDT or something that allows the party leader who is recruiting in the lobby, to be able to kick for longer periods of time, so the party there recruiting for does not get ruined by those who do not care to read the qualifications or request of the PTL for a certain class.


If it makes the company feel any better, U can always make a f10 prtyleader ticket that gives them full kicking rights (too party-leader only) that way even if there forced to recruit in the dungeon they can kick those players who only want to be carried. (not recommended for obv reasons (Lol) but we defo need something that helps take care of this prob. 

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