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Teaching a noob how to Battleground - aka searching for a partner for practice match

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 So it hasn't been long since i've finally finished the main story and i got a bunch PvP quests refering to Batleground Arenas and i would like to do them (especialy since i need GFs to upgrade m Galaxy Weapon), but i've never been there, nvm my laggin'. SO I don't wanna jump right into matches, without even knowing what to do and ruin the chances for the rest of the team. I saw an practice option in the Lobby, but it requies to choose a specific person and since i'm kinda unsocial, ain't got any this-close-buddies who would waste thier time on such.

 So here I am, asking if anyone has some free time to spare for a practice match with a laggin noob like me, to show me how things are done.

 I would be very thankful for any kind of help

 ( u__u )

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If it's arena help you need I don't mind lending a hand just add LewdZero (SoulFighter main).

 I'll teach pvp basics depending on your class ,but if your referring to open world battle grounds (6v6). I would suggest you stay away from there until you reach end game, it's nearly impossible for new players to have any type of success since over geared whales patrol there killing everyone in 1 hit.

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