if you won't/can't fix the in combat bug

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Why is the escape cooldown even longer now? Why is it 14 minutes? I was in Naryu Sanctum and one of our party members randomly decided to leave so we recruited. We got someone so at Agoni I decided to create a red dragon pulse so they can get to the boss easier. Once Agoni was defeated (6th never bothered to even enter the dungeon before leaving) I got stuck in combat with the rest of my team. the difference is... they could use escape. I had used mine to make the portal so I was out of luck. Who's going to wait 14 minutes when you're on the final boss of a dungeon? Who would wait 14 minutes in general? I could understand not wanting escape's cooldown to be too low or people might abuse that in dungeons or I would imagine more likely in PvP but 14 minutes is asking the players to never use it. I got screwed out of a dungeon completion for it. I'm really hoping any of the devs can change the way being in combat works or escape works because the game wont realize on its own when the players aren't in combat. 

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This bug now persists since release in EU/NA. In Korea they finaly fixed it or will fix it with one of the next patches.

After 6 years of unsucessfully troubleshooting and many smoking heads they finaly found a solution to this problem.

You now realy think they fixed that annoying bug? Dont be a fool, after 6 years they found out, that they are not be able to fix it, so they found a workaround.

This workaround is quite ingenius. They decided to allow player to use dragonpulse in dungeons, while in combat.

But !!!!! Why the hell it took 6 years to find this quite simple workaround?


So just be patient, in a year or so, we will get this patch too ;)


OK enough of zynism for today, bye ;)

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