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64 bit client issue

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My BnS won't even start up the x64 bit client.


Whenever I hit play now, I'll see client.exe pop up in the task manager, then immediately go away.


And on a rare occasion it does load, but my fps caps at 9fps.


On x32 bit, I have 120 fps constantly, but anytime fights happen (Especially 12 mans) my screen just freezes and drops to non-exsistant fps, I'm assuming due to playing a x32bit game on a x64 bit OS.


Is there any fix for this or still not at all? I've tried most the other fixes people have tried.

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Since I don't know your computer spec (CPU, RAM, GPU, and Internet Speed), I would recommend to try the below:

1. CTRL+F before a fight -- I do this just because in 12 men run, your computer has to process all of the visual effects that are going on on your screen. Hiding other players (CTRL+F) will also hide their skill visual effects = take less load for your computer to process

2. Check "Optimize for combat" under graphic

3. Play around with the graphic setting bars

4. Check "Optimize for low-end computer": this is last ditch effort :)


From what you are describing, I think 1 & 2 should help :)


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