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<Quondam> Recruiting for VT1

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Hi we're a Cerulean Clan focused on advancing through VT and eventually SK. We have members with high VT experience (clearing boss 1 and 2) and some Julia experience. We're trying to gather some more members to get a consistent VT raid started, our raid times are weekend focused, usually Saturday 8pm EST for our current BT1 and Sunday 3pm EST for BT2. We'll most likely be moving VT to one of those two days, either right after BT1 or 2 or in its place in the near future.

We have openings for a Main Tank and two Warlocks, and we are willing to work with an under/lower geared individual as long as its their main.

Requirements are

Discord with headset (No built in laptop mics)

consistent connection (low ping, no frequent disconnects) and over or around 30FPS in Raid with characters on

english speaking (first language preferred)

Self driven attitude and desire to clear content, not be carried through it.

Patience. No open or backhanded toxicity during raids. We critique and address issues, but we won't tolerate insults or general pettiness.


Reply to this post or PM Pyrofox, Saddiesage, or Angel Senpai in game to apply or ask questions.


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Posted (edited)

Hi, im WL hm13 and im looking for VT pt.

Mi nick is "FkingKid" can check my gear and tell me if i can join? 

Im hispanic but i understand eng. 



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