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Lv 55 and still pretty clueless - Please help

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So i managed to grind to all the Main quests and finally reached lvl 55 HM 8.

Problem: I spend so much time in the quest grinding that I didn't really understand how the game or my class basically works. I feel like rushed through the content untill the endgame.

I'm a casual player so I'm not in any clan. Also I don't see many SF around in the game. So I need a place to ask some questions.



I started playing an earth build since the beginning. Only because at the beginning I felt that I don't have much CD on Earth build with my RMB + F combo than I had with a frost build. Now I realised that most SF play an Ice build. But I dont know what even the difference between earth build and ice build is tbh. Yeah I know it sound pretty stupid that I'm on lv 55 still asking this question. But I played Earth since the beginning.

So: What is the difference between Earth and Ice build? When to prefer which build? And how do I have to play them?


With my earth build I start combining RMB + F and some Side stepping until my Chi is full and then start punching with Kingfist or activate my Chi with Z and just hit the RMB strikes. That's how I do mostly. I try to not be out of Fokus. But it can happen sometimes because I have no badges atm and then I'm like a sitting duck and have to switch to ranged stance.


With frost build I have no idea which buttons to combo to hold my fokus and chi. Most guides I've seen are not really up to date.

Is there a preferable PvE Build (optional with a guide) for Ice/Earth?


My gear is pretty basic. I try to upgrade my weapon with the dungeon atm but I don't know which armor I should focus on.



There is not much I can say except that I get pretty fked up in PvP matches.

Can you prefer a PvP build (optional with a guide)?


Is the Moonwater PvP bagua worth it? I'm playing with the normal Quest legendary bagua set.


To summ it up: I log into the game and don't know how to improve anything atm


Would appreciate any help




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hm skills: hm rmb(right punch), frost storm(both), chi burst(party-wise the most important), then you can get counter, frost doesnt need hm lmb. the most important in the beginning is hm rmb so focus on that.

frost badge:  blue moon, pulse


frost needs good ping, earth needs execution, the guy in the vid pretty much sums it up.

sf needs gear to be efficient, nowadays the badges take only time to get, no money

work your way up to baleful 12, then dawnforge 6 -> raven 6, meanwhile try to get into skybreak spire parties and if you get lucky you can take frostfall and permafrost for 50-100g.

soul shield: full msp/lifebane/champion

pvp: yeah well we are pretty much a lowtier class compared to others, some hm skills can be purchased from zen beans(pvp currency), so its up to you i guess. check youtube for pvp guides.


anyways i wrote a lot of replies in the sf thread so take your time and read, it only takes a few clicks and scrolldowns.




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Hey, thanks for the response.

I tried out the ice built and it is by for easier and better to play than earth at the moment.

I had a look on your posts and some were really helpful. But some of my question are still unanswered. May you take a look and try to respond to them too please?

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