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True Heart Aura (Valentines Event item)

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15 minutes ago, Dad said:

What you want a congrats or somethin? Cause all i'm seeing is bloodshed, tears and time wasted.

Thought I'd share so others can see and decide if they want to aim for it or not, sorry if this is in the wrong section I don't use the forums often :'(

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5 hours ago, Fiana said:

hold on... you can send essense heart to other character?

i want that True heart, iam half way there

You can't

You can reset DKV/FAS/SJF up to 3 times a week, DKV gives 5 essences and SJF/FAS give 10 from the dynamic

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Hey, thanks for the upload and post. I remembered a recording of a stream, I think, that show'd the pink swirly stuff in the aura, but didn't notice the lightning part. That wI'll look neat with my outfit from DT, which is one of my favorite free outfits in the game for a Gon female.

Also, thanks to others for the info that I had been thinking on: I wasn't sure if the three weekly raids' dynamic quests gave more tokens or not. My FM has one half a heart, so far, and a little under 50× tokens to go for the other one. My WL has maybe 58× or so toward her first half heart.

This is all with doing the weeklies once each of these past two weeks, and dailies, so far.

I forgot that we could only use weekly resets 3×, but is it 3× uses period, per week, or 3× per weekly raid?

I wanna say it's the former, and not the latter. I hadn't used any in a while.

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