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KFM Bug not in "Known Issues"

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I've noticed that after so much time and so many months the "Known Issues" thread has not been updated with (at least) KFM bugs.
The most important bug is:
1) KFM's Fighting Spirit buff does not reset the cooldown of Comet Strike as intended if one or more party members are in Soul Separation (applies to all instances with Soul Separation, from Skybreak Spyre to Ebondrake Lair).

Second, I've noticed something incredibly silly in the "Known Issues" thread (in the KFM section as well) which made me laugh a lot:

>"Eight Talons" is hitting more than 5 times.
What. The. Hell.

So the move is called EIGHT Talons, the animation clearly deals EIGHT blows and it is bugged because it hits more than... FIVE times?
Of course it's a bug. It surely isn't a localization error from Korean.

I'd like to see the Known Issues thread updated with said bugs and the Eight Talons line removed (being replaced with a "Eight Talons descriptions says 5 hits instead of 8").
I'll keep bumping the thread if I have to, until I see the "Known Issues" thread updated. I'll proceed to send a ticket to support regarding this bug as well.

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More than one month and the Fighting Spirit bug known by ANYONE at this point is not even in the known issues thread.


Hopefully there wont be the need for another bump.

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to add to the list of kfm bugs:

the visual dragon effect on aransu 6+ gauntlets will disappear off of the right hand gauntlet and it'll look the same as a stage 3 aransu effect (only on the right hand) in these situations: 

  • entering/exiting a dialogue screen
  • entering a new zone (with or without a loading screen)
  • anything with a loading screen
  • effect is always bugged upon first logging into the game

re-equiping the weapon or changing costume will cause the effect to appear again.

pretty harmless bug I guess but for someone with OCD it's frustrating as hell.

Edited by Smo

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To add to this list, an annoying bug in Tower of Infinity / Trial Arena mostly vs BM (seems ok vs SF/FM from what i tester)

  • when countering  Iron Shoulder pop up but the skill dont launch.
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I don't think that Soul Separation when using buffs is a bug. I think that, if you're in Soul Separation, you're essentially on a second plane of existence and those who are not on that plane are uneffected by buffs, much like how various status effects that should be triggered on the normal plane do not effect players in Soul Separation (IE: Punishment in Fallen Aransu School).


I've done FAS on my SF before and tried using the party res on party members while in Soul Separation and it simply did not work, despite my character being in range... so it leads me to believe that, while in SS, you can't be effected by things outside of SS.

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